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Actor's Reflections on Easton

Robert Easton was highly regarded among the actors in Hollywood, and many of his students went on to Oscar, Emmy, Golden Glode and SAG award performances because of their work with him.  The list of actors he coached numbers over 4,000, and below are the comments of some:



“He was a wonderful man, a very unique personality, and a master at his craft.”  -- Robert Duvall (Dec. 22, 2011 LA Times)


“There is no shortage of gifted actors, directors, or writers in this town…[but] there’s only one Robert Easton.  As literally hundreds of actors and directors will tell you, he can teach any diligent and attentive performer to do just about any accent in the world…if we could clone anybody in the industry, it should be Bob.” --  Charlton Heston (from his autobiography, In the Arena)




“How did he do it?  How did he know that an accent from one street in Park Slope was so vastly different from another?  How did he know that pushing me farther in a Las Vegas dialect would not make me sound like I was from that place but would make a change in the economics of the character like nothing else could?


How did he know that a woman from Salem, Massachusetts, would have different ‘R’s’ than a woman one suburb away?


Every time I worked with him I swore I’d only do a little of what he said.  I’d take what was comfortable and leave the rest but certainly I wouldn’t do anything as extreme as he was suggesting.  By the end, when I worked with him only months ago, I’d learned.  Just do what he says.


He helped me so much.  What talent!  What enthusiasm!  What a big open heart!” --  Helent Hunt (2011)