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Bidding live on the auction floor:  You may register when you arrive.  Please bring a valid photo ID and proof of tax exemption (if you are tax-exempt.)

Bidding by phone or by sending us absentee bids:  Click here or select the "Registration" tab (on menu, left)  and complete the registration form found there.  We will contact you via email to confirm your registration and to provide instructions.


Bidding live online or leaving electronic absentee bids through the online platform/catalogue:  Simply open the online catalogue for the sale, locate any one of the registration tabs found therein, and complete the registration steps.



For more detailed information regarding each bidding option, please find the information below.  This will help you to determine which method best suits your needs.




Placing absentee bids is a great way to participate in the auction if you are not going to be available during the auction.  Simply put, you provide a maximum bid amount for the lot, and we execute your bid against other competition during the auction. 

Please note that there are two ways to bid by absentee:  First you may register using the Registration tab you see on the menu bar (left side of this page.)  We then contact you with instructions, but typically all you have to do is email us your bids at least 24 hours before the auction.

Second, you may also place absentee bids (or "pre-bids") using the electronic platform/online catalogue.  To do this, all you need to do is open the catalogue, register, and enter your bids into the online platform/catalogue.  This method is the more convenient, and the system bids on your behalf;  however, remember that any bid placed on the online platform, whether it be an absentee or a live bid, is subject to an additional percentage added to the buyer's premium. 

Telephone bidding is a preference for many.  If you cannot make it to the auction but will be available by phone, then we can arrange to call you when your lot(s) come to the auction block.  Phone bids tend to be the most successful aside from floor bids.  The advantage to bidding by phone is that you can bid remotely in real time without paying the extra percentage that is charged by using the online platform.  The disadvantage is that phone lines are limited, and phone bidding is subject to availability of staff.  If a particular lot is very popular, we may not have an available line to reserve for you.

Tip for phone bidders:  Reserve your spot early.  Phone bidding should be arranged no less than 24 hours prior to the sale in any case.  However, to be sure we reserve a phone line for you and your selected lot(s), we suggest arranging your phone bids at least one week prior to the auction, especially for auction highlights.

Our online bidding platform offers real time click-to-bid as well as live video and audio (for some sales), and it is essentially just like being there live on the auction floor.  On auction day, you simply come to our site, open the online catalogue, and then log-in to participate. 

Tips for online bidders:  First, bid quickly.  Remember that from the time you click on the "Bid" button to the time your bid shows up on our end can be as long as 2 seconds depending upon your internet connection.  So, to be sure the lot isn't sold before your bid arrives, bid quickly!  Live bidding, whether online or on the floor, tends to favor decisive bidders.

Second, make sure your computer and your internet connection are reliable and up-to-date.  Bidding using your smart phone over a cellular network is often convenient, but there is typically a greater lag compared to bidding with a computer connected to your internet service at home or work.  If you have a choice, we suggest bidding from a computer.

If you are new to bidding live online, then please click here so that you know what to expect on auction day.