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Tips for Reviewing Our Catalogues

Viewing the Catalogue or Bidding Online: 
When you view our catalogues, keep in mind that each catalogue is both a catalogue and an online bidding platform as well.  You do not have to bid using the online platform -- there are other options.  When you veiw the catalogue, you will see immediately that you also have the ability to register, bid absentee, or bid in real-time (on auction day) all via the catalogue/online bidding platform.  However,  you may prefer to bid live on the auction floor, you may bid by phone, or you may want to send us sealed bids (or absentee bids.)  Bidding through the online platform is by far the most convenient for most bidders;  however, don't forget that any bid placed on the online bidding platform (i.e the online catalogue), whether you enter an absentee bid or bid from your computer live during the auction, is subject to an additional 3%.  Most find the convenience to be worth the small cost, but keep in mind your other options.  Before registering, we would urge you to visit the How to Bid page!

Want a Print Catalogue?
Our online catalogue can be easily converted into a printable format.  To do this, after you open the catalogue, look to the upper right corner.  There you will see a white box which reads, "Print Preview."  When you click there, a printable version will appear, and in the upper right corner you will see "Print Catalog."  You may also notice that, on the left side, there is a box that reads "Show Pictures" if you would like to print it along with photos.  Once you print it out, you can scribble and jot and makes notes until your heart is content!  On auction day, you'll be prepared!
Registering via the Online Catalogue:
If you would like to bid live online from your computer during the auction, or if you would prefer to place absentee bids using the online platform, then you will need to register by clicking on the "Register to Bid" button near the top of the online catalogue.  When you do this, a box will pop up asking you to log in, and in that same box you will see a button that reads "Click Here if Your Are a New Bidder" -- click there and follow the steps.  Remember, if you intend to bid on the floor or by phone, then do not register within the online catalogue -- see the How to Bid page for instructions.

Bidding Live on Auction Day?
If you plan to bid live from your computer on auction day, all you will need to do is go to the online catalogue and sign in using the username and password you created when you registered.  You will see buttons which prompt you to join the auction live.  These options do not appear in the catalogue until perhaps 30 mintues prior to the auction when we launch the platform.  But don't worry -- on auction day when you sign in, you'll see how to join the auction. 

Live Audio/Video Feature:
On auction day, once you have logged in to the catalogue and opened the bidder console, you will see an option "Audio/Video" at the top of the console.  Click there and you will be able to watch and listen as the sale is in progress while also being able to join in and bid from your computer.