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August 10-11, 2012

Archer City, TX 


If you were there, then you "get it."  If you missed it, then you missed out!  "The Last Book Sale" in Archer City, Texas was one of the most significant book sales in decades, and Addison & Sarova Auctioneers is proud to have been the auction house that conducted not only this great auction but also the "event" that it became.  All those who attended were overcome with the sense of how significant the auction was.  From the swarming media to Mr. Larry McMurtry, all those who came not only left with some great books but also with some fond memories, new friends, and renewed dedication to the book trade.

Some 250,000 books were sold -- at a rapid pace -- within 2 days.  If you were hoping to find proof that the book is not dead, then you saw it with your own eyes!  Of course, while the purpose of the auction was to sell the books, it was also an event aimed at a collective renewal of vows to our love of the book trade.  As Mr. McMurtry put it, as more and more bibliophiles marched into the small town to participate in the auction, 

"It's become an event that has transcended its literal purpose."


We would like to thank all those who attended and made this the great event that it was.  Also, we want to thank Mr. Larry McMurtry for being such a wonderful host.  He always brings in the crowds, and he was very gracious in making himself available to the bidders, the media, and to our auction staff.  A better consignor could not exist.  The staff at the Booked Up store were also very helpful in assisting us with planning and conducting an auction halfway across the country from our home base in Georgia.


We set out to accomplish several things with this sale.  First, we wanted to give Mr. McMurtry what he wanted:  an auction and an event that would bring national interest from book dealers and collectors from coast to coast.  Second, we wanted bidders and guests to have a great time.  Third, we wanted to sell hundreds of thousands of books in the process.  Last but not least, we wanted to conduct a sale the likes of which could not be duplicated -- we wanted to make our mark as an auction house which does that little bit extra to make an auction as enjoyable as possible for all involved.  I'm proud to say that we achieved all that we set out to accomplish with this sale and more. 


Thanks again to all who participated, and we hope to see you at our regular catalogued rare book auctions in the future.  The next auction is in November of 2012, and another book auction will follow in the Spring of 2013.  We'll see you there!


-- Michael Addison



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